Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Okay disebabkan dah lama tak update blog, rasanya kena buat flash back sikit. Since my very last post, i just finished with my 2nd semester, which is wayyyy too outdated =.=".

A few months back, i have:-

1) Done with my third semester of Ausmat, which means i officially graduated Ausmat. :) i failed to attend the Ausmat Grand Dinner but its not a regret as i had my very own dinner in my own way with my beloved one as d substitude :)

Ausmat21 INTEC UiTM Grand Dinner 2010

My group for 2 semesters in INTEC: KIRRA

2) 16 December 2010: SACE results was released. I was back in Teluk Intan, Perak to visit my Opah there and i actually didnt have any means which allow me to get connected to the internet. so what i did was rushed to the nearest restaurant with wifi but still the connection failed. T.T but alhamdulillah my father drove me to a CC and alhamdulillah alhamdulillah i passed my sponsor's cut off point (ATAR90) and universities' requirement (varies according to unis) :)

3) As i am a JPA scholar, i didnt have the power to choose my future uni as my sponsor will place me to my university instead. and so, JPA has confirmed the plasement and InsyaAllah, in a few days ahead, i'll enroll University of South Australia to complete a degree in pharmacy.

Adelaide: My home-to-be for the next 4 years insyaAllah :)

UniSA City East Campus

4) Currently im stuffing more and more things into the luggages. :) Will be off to KLIA this Saturday. i got to reach there by 5pm something and insyaAllah my flight to Sydney will be on 10.40pm, arriving Sydney on the 13th at 9.35am (Australia time). i'll transit there insyaAllah for 5 hours before proceeding the journey at 3.30pm. InsyaAllah i will have my first step on the Adelaide ground at 5.00 pm. :)

mintak maaf ye semua. and please pray for my safety and success as well :D


cherub's foodcourt said...

this saturday ke?ala..nak hantar.....

zawani said...

yan: ha'a, sabtu ni.kalau nak mai, mai ja. KLIA tu kan tempat public. sapa2 nak mai pun buleh :D

Hazman said...

:) tujuh ratus sebelas hari!

Selamat berangkat, dan semoga berjaya di sana. Buat betul betul, banggakan mak n ayah!

Hazman Baharom.

meeeeeeeeeeeeee zawaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said...

hazmannnnn: yaa insyaAllah :) and pleaseeeeeeee come to australia (adelaide to be specific) :P !!!

_faris 'azim_ said...

nak ikut!!!!!!

Dai said...

for my 'grand' graduation dinner i pakai sthirt, sluar jens lusuh n selipar jamban ajo. XD

you're going far. make sure its worth it!
ganbatteruyo! =)

p/s = im happy i couldn't send you out kat klia. thats the prove we both goes on our own dream. =)

Hazman :) said...

:) tujuh ratus sepuluh hari!

Ya insyaAllah! Countdown pun dah ada, bukankah begitu? ;)

Tunggulah flight London - Adelaide. :)

Hazman Baharom.

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

bljr rajin2 ye, zawani :))

Lk7 said...

hey! I was googling for a dear, dear, lost friend of mine when I stumbled across her name in your blog. CHU SHU ERN? do you know her? She studied in SK Seri Sentosa until Year 3 then all of a sudden she is just gone. I have been trying everywhere. My school records, the facebook and FINALLY your blog had a match. Would you please, please, PLEASE get back to me.

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