Friday, September 26, 2008


schooling days.

Ft Barre's Convent n Integrasi Kubang Pasu. 2 me, theres only a word to describe d differences. its "WHOA". haha. i hav to be honest. Ikups taught me to b a descent human. it really does.

its 26th Ramadhan. 24th Ramadhan ago was the last time i did tarawih as an ikupian. and d 1st reason y i chose 2 blog, is to ensure i hav d record of the things that happened in my lyf (well i hate diaries n journals.;p)

ok now lemme tell ya people bout d schooly me.

i lived my life as a total diff person this year. to be honest, i once loved attention n spotlights. teachers' pet n all. now, NO MORE. i hate them. n d hatred grows in me. i started to realize how fun it is to work behind people. i was n i m a prefect. 4 d past 4 years, when i hav 2 choose between responsiblities n frens, i chose responsiblities. n i regretted it. its hard. d teachers said i was right ( i mean they said that i made d right choice). but my heart said i didnt so. then i realized. to me i was wrong. maybe i was right to d teachers but i myself hated living that way. so i patah balik. this year i chose frens. n i bliv i was n m rite. =). its wonderful. cos i bliv u guys know how it feels when ure living with ur heart. but wait seminit(haha!) , i still do my job get get done my resposiblities as a prefect, but in a diff way n approach. ;D . n my frens love me. what else can i say?

my life during i was in form 1 was awful. haha. bodoh gler. whenever there's pulang bermalam, i MUST bring home 4 bags! (AT THAT TIME to me its kinda revenge cos usually i hav to do my own laundry. so when i brought all d dirty clothes back home n mom did all d laundry- mission accomplished) alangkah ntah ape2 nya aku mase tuh. i even fought with a fren. in d toilet.haha. wanna noe y? takpayah lah. (korang paham2 jela, form one...ntah pe2)..n guess what, i kena pggl ngn pk hem (en amir yg dikasihi) n what he did was laugh n laugh n laugh. ntah la. i myself x understood ape la yg funny sgt. (maybe theres sumthing dat he enjoyed-n others not ;p) but the prob settled itself. :D n i wanted to membongkar d worst of all. shhhh!! dont tell a soul bout dis k. (:P) it was d second day of my life in ikups. i was d first to wake up that day. n since at that time d school still x provide curtains in d dorms, once i woke up, i directly can c the views outside. its was bright. terang giler. n that got me panic. i called for nadiah n rai. mmg in my mind at that time i was thinking that we were late to school -obviously-(plus accidently missed subuh as well, hihi). suddenly nadiah woke up n said, "eh, mana ada lewat. baru 4:58 la". rai then replied," ye ke? ", n she simply wrapped herself with d blanket. n me? i myself x bliv dat i was that str8 n just thought since its bukit kayu hitam, we were at bukit and the sun rise earlier. but then rai woke up(again!) n said, "eh nadiah, mana ada 4:58! 6:58 la!" now u noe how BRIGHT d day was.

best part= i went to school wout bath. ;D hebat? yeah, i noe. enuff for the disgusting but still hebat part. the xhebat-at-all part was during d assembly. x sgke la pulak d assembly would be like ages n we x allowed to sit. n bcos of standing too long and being static for hours, nadiah fainted. n all the shhh!-dont-tell-any1 thingy was terbongkar. THE ENTIRE SCHOOL KNEW I X MANDI dat day. hebat? NO.


I believe..

..that no matter how good ur planning for tomorrow is, things are unpredictable n thats y we should stop predicting.

..that no matter how bad ur heart is broken, the world doesnt stop for ur grief.

..that u shouldnt so eager to find out a secret. it could change ur life forever.

..that two people can look an exact same thing and see something totally different.

..that when u think you have no more to give when a friend cries out to you-u'll find the strength to help.

..that d people u care bout most in life are taken from you soon. (we must keep praying for them!)

..that we dont have to change friends if we understand that friends change. remember that.

..that you can do an instant that will give you a heartache for life.

..that its taking me a long time to become the person i wanted to be.

..that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

..that money is a lousy way of keeping score.

..that sometimes when im angry, i have d right to be angry. But that doesnt give me d right to be cruel, eventhough im always a monster when im angry. (sorry!)

..that the credentials on d wall do not make you a descent human being.

..that u can keep going long after u think u cant.

..that its either u control ur attitude or attitude controls u.

its LIFE. n its now or never. im living my life n i being exactly myself. dont tell me what to say cos i noe exactly what i wanted to. =) laugh hard. its life.