Friday, November 20, 2009



entri sebelum ini aku tulis di Akasia, jadi aku bilang entri tu ditulis sebelum sem 1 habis. entri ni baru betul. betul2 habis sem 1.

baiklah kawan2.

let me tell you what happened weeks before, starting from my 1st week of finals till the very last week i was in intec for this year.

Ausmat finals started a week earlier than A-levels but heck! we finished a week later than them! dang! Thanks to IELTS internal exam. thinking it over again, a week of earlier start and end of finals wasn't so bad after all. we had gaps between papers, A-levels not. lucky us. :)

a week before finals, i had a terrible stomach ache which cause me 3 days of trembling pain. put that aside, my finals went smooth but i feel the frictional force was high, plus the tension and normal force is way greater than the Newton pulling it downwards. maybe the idea of uniform circular motion would be better, the centripetal force, i assume as the string u should constantly refer to , so that you'll end up having all the formulae and explaination at the tip of your finger! , as the bending of a car on a flat surface which use the centripetal force to ensure the bending succeed. exactly.

enough of physics, im not pursuing any physics next year! yeay!

after Biology, i went to my usrah's programme in Bukit Cerakah.
manyak siok woh. 2 days and a night. we should be bullied throughout the activity, but thinhgs wend the other way round.
kakak2 naqibah yang kena buli. kesian sungguh.
the programme was on the 14th and 15th. on the 16th, i sat for my IELTS paper and right after the paper, i went to KMH4 for another 3 days in Ulu Yam. lethargic is all i can say. but the constant exhaustion worth it, for every single drop of knowledge i gained.


rasa mcm nak berbahasa Melayu pulak.
baiklah kengkawanku. al kisah tentang usrahku di sini, masyaAllah siok sangat. berganda2 best dari usrah aku kat sekolah dulu. mungkin sebab usrah kat sekolah ditetapkan dan waktu usrah ditetapkan pasa satu masa yang uniform setiap minggu. sini, fleksibiliti dari aspek masa wujud dalam perjalanan usrah. sangat praktikal dan disebabkan usrah ni tak dipaksa-paksa, lagi semangat la kan. senang kata mmg best la.haa...lagi satu, usrah aku bernaung bawah ustaz ridha! betapa bestnya. hehe

dah la noh. malaih nak cita panjang2. esok2 pulak la kalau nak cita apa pun.
insyaAllah post lepaih nih pasai SC4 ku yang terchenta.

tata people.

iklan tak berbayar: pertandingan ukur ketinggian stud2 sc4.
patut buat experiment fizik. kami dok main ukur2. haih...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sem 1. over.


how fast time flies. feels like only a week ago i enrolled this institution. never knew i would feel this way as i thought people are much better here compared to my old place. never the same. never better. the atmosphere here, just...different.

feels like i want to share everything. i do mean every single thing here. but i couldnt.

but i guess there is a few i can share.
its not about people. well maybe a bit.

the atmosphere here.
is not as what i desired. i yearn for something that indirectly boost. no, not boost. em.. say,evolve a feeling to seek for more. and what? i didnt feel the feeling. maybe it is just my fault.

my fault for not struggling in creating that atmosphere. here.
my fault for letting my friends unconsciously away from the rightful track.
my fault for being undeniably so unperfect.
my fault for not trying harder.
my fault for not having the X to ask for more.
my fault.