Tuesday, May 26, 2009


menjadi orang penting itu memang baik,
tetapi menjadi orang baik itu lebih penting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


ive wrote a lot.
whole load.
i did published them. all of them, for a few minutes.
because in the end, i made up my mind.
i saved them as my drafts.
and they will remain there for eternity.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

turn aku plak.

okay people. disebabkan pasni budak2 0408 akan bawak laluan masing2 (bak kata anak ali), aku pun nak crita gak pasal hampa2 semua. tapi aku story pasal hampa2 yg blogging ja la. kalau pasal org lain yg tak blogging, depa bukannya tau pun kan.

ok,first skali nak cerita pasal anak ali. apsal anak ali yg aku cerita dulu? sebab...cerita pasal dia takbanyak sangat. hehehe..kalau pasal ali ni bukannya boleh banyak2..sikit2je..hahaha..
ok, safwan ariff ni tinggi orangnya. kalau dia berdiri sorang2, mesti aku ingatkan tu KL Tower..tapi bila diamati dgn teliti, eh eh..safwan rupanya. tapi jaranglah dia berdiri sorang.dia slalu dok dengan syamil. haaa..bila dia dok ngn syamil, confirm! terbinalah KLCC versi sbpikp. aca lak jadi sky bridge.ekeke.. jgn marah ye. gurauan semata. erm, safwan ni baik orangnya, boleh dibuat menantu (statement khas utk promote anak ali jadi adik ipar izy).dia selaaaluuuu bagi kat aku ayam. kadang2 dia bagi pokok, mcm2 jenis pokok la..pokok mangga,pokok kelapa..kuda pun ada gak.tapi jgn salah faham ye, ni game myfarm kat facebook, bukan di dunia reality ya. lagi..ha,kalau boleh bagi award,aku nak bg award ''penghantar komentar terbanyak'' ,sbb dia lah yg paling banyak hanta komen kat blog aku. blog dia jarang la dia nak update. update pun sbb aku n wawa dok kata kat dia. bila dah update, ngata aku lak tu. haha. to safwan- goodluck in uia ok!

2nd- haziqahmathassan. actually,sal panache ni aku taktau sgt la..yg aku tau, dia ni minah colgate.pantang ada org nak maek gambaq, mmg dia la yg pertama buat iklan colgate. dia tak mainla darlie ke sensodyne ke..dia nak colgate je. ;p pasni pe kata ko try mukmin plak? 'mencari yg halal itu adalah fardhu bagi setiap muslim.' chewah~

and last skali...
cik wahidah bt abas. rumate 2007. jiran 2008. aku rapat ngn wawa start f4 r. masa f1 sampai f3 aku bukannya ske sgt wawa ni.hehe. tapi tu la, org kata tak kenal maka tak cinta. lepas masuk dorm skali dgn wawa, baru la aku kenal sepa wawa ni sebenarnya. wawa ni kalau sal bio, fuh! mmg aku salute abes aa. tah2 buku tesk bio tu diadah hafal dah. masa hari ujian topikal 1, paper bio, minah kecik ni la yg ter-menghafalkan aku pasal transpiration. n tu lah 1st time aku hafal teks dr buku teks. haha. memang wallah la, soalan tu yg kuar utk bhgn essay bio! tengkiu ye wawa..tanpa dirimu siapalah aku.chewah~ tu sikit je, baru pasal bio.banyak g kenangan kita bersama, kan wa. emm..pe g ek.. haa,pasal stay up sambil picnic tu. masa tu mmg best. aku, onah n wawa. kak wani pun slalu join kita gak an. kalau cakap pasal picnic2 ni, aku mesti igt pasal satu dialog tu.diolog apa? haha,biarlah wawa je yg tau..aku nak sebut pun cam ntah pepe je. haha.. wawa n aku slalu buat pertandingan bunyi. lawak gila aa..mmg lepas pertandingan tu mmg aku susah nak tido. asyik nak gelak je teringatkan pertandingan tu. n sampai sekarang, pertandingan yg berhari2 tu takde pemenang, kita seri la ye wawa. aku n wawa slalu g skolah skali. aku terharu btol kalau cik wawa ni tunggu gak aku sbb kadang2 aku terlewat, tapi wawa sabar je tunggu aku (walaupun dia dok jerit2 panggil aku, ;D) . aha, satu g, part yg penting skali, kat skolah wawa pakai perfume body shop- yg kaler pink. scent tu, aku boleh cam. haha..kalau barang tu barang wawa, mmg aku boleh tau dari bau barang tu. mesti ada scent wawa. aku pun taktau la cene, tapi mmg boleh bau la barang wawa ni. ada scent dia yg tersendiri. :) lagi...wawa ni rajin hantar dobi..hehehe

tu je lah yg aku larat tulis so far. :D


its a story about Lee Geom, a son of a noble family or be more exact the nephew of the king in chosun era. His father was Lee Wonho, who was accused in treason. Hiding inside a small cupboard,Geom saw the sword with black emblem engraved that killed his father, and he was the only one who witnessed it.

one night, his whole family was scattered. he himself was 'kidnapped' by a thief who broke into his house after the daeth of Lee Wonho. He was raised by the nice thief (haha) and his wife. due to the sudden shock, he lost his memory after suffering from high fever. he grew up to be a young man who acted like a scroundrel (sorry,but i have no other word) but a kind man at heart. He began to gain his memory as he was bullied by his classmates who came from noble families. oh ya, he was known as Ryung.

he then began to search for his family with the help of a gangster. but being a son to a traitor, wrongly accused or not, the search was done underground-secretly. He managed to look for his sister and they are about to reunite when an unfortunate event happened, the government found out that her sister was the daughter of Lee Won Ho the traitor(as what they called) hence she was executed to call Ryung out. she was caught and was charged as a wanted criminal for being a runaway slave girl and for injuring a guard.

Having learned that she was a traitor's daughter, and her brother, Lee Geom, had been in contact her, the authorities set up a gallows to lure him out. However, in his failure to rescue his sister, he watched her being hanged to death. He abandoned the thought of finding his mother, afraid for endangering her life, hoping that she was well and alive somewhere.

From that day onwards, Ryung declared to go for a revenge and find the murderer of his father, by looking for the owner of a sword which had a symbol carved into the blade as a clue. During night time, he turned to be a robber who robs the corrupt government officials and gave to the poor people. People recognizes him as Il Ji-Mae.

the search led him to his father's comrades: the king's loyal ministers. As the story climaxed, the truth of his father's death led him to the Palace. He began to planned to burglarise the Palace. That one night, he found out about everything and after threatening the king, he disappeared. Rumors of him being dead was spread all over country. However, after 4 years, someone else burglarised into the Palace the very same way and same costume too.

familiar? Of course, he is 'Robin Hood' to the people. The rich feared him for their wealth, the soldier hated him for various reasons, the people loved him and gave him a name, Iljimae, which mean a branch of plum/titis flower (mei hua). For every time he steals, he leaves behind a drawing of a branch of plum flowers, known as his trademark. The townspeople began to declared him as King as after an incident and the people began to lose faith in the king.

highly recommended to all. the story is done superbly well. the end isnt as what as i expect,spoiled;confusing and unclear. but i guess that causes of the eagerness of watching The Return of Il-Ji Mae, put aside the fact that lee-junki is not playing the main cast.

oh yes, i know there will be many who just scroll down without reading. haha. relax je.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

terbang lagi. haih




passed one. failed one.
oh paseipa fail?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

and today is sunday. yesterday?

haih. i was strolling A to Z from my blogspot lists and seemed lotsa people are happy wishing their educators with the happy-well-you-know-what.

thank you to the colours of my sketches.

now i know the big amplitude made ur voice wow-loud, the greater frequency proposed ur high pitched raising voice. thanks to my physics teachers, i finally discovered that the super high voice wasnt caused by me. im a good girl aftar all. HAHA

yesterday u said 3+4 =7. today u said 5+2 =7. i called u a liar. sorry for the misunderstood, for now i know 2^2+1+7-8+(3/4 x 12)-(3^2)-1+ 2^2=7
dealing with the sellings and buyings, notable changes and balances are miscounted. thanks to my maths teachers,now im an at-least-i-know-how-to-count-but-an-effing-calculator, but expert in counting money to be particular. well, money is essential.

talk n listen n talk n listen n it never ends. thanks to the cikgu2, teachers, ustaz2 and ustazah2 and not to be put aside, sensei. for now i can communicate effectively eventhough my language is ehehehe-level ;D, writing i do, and at least i understand even it does give me headache when it comes to 2 way communications, be it arabic. let alone nihonggo.

ever smell Nina; Nina Ricci, DKNY; Red Delicious, or Amore? now and then we will hear- "try this out. nice apple smell, huh?" or "i feel like smelling scrumptious lemonade!". thanks to my chemistry teachers, now i know the scents are methyl benzoate, isobutyl methanoate and methyl-2-amino benzoate, to name a few.

the brain in my kiddo world version was divided into 2, known as the left brain and the right brain. the righty use mostly left brain, and the lefty's vice versa. and thats the most detailed i know. thanks to my biology teachers, they taught me that the cerebrum is divided into 2 hemispheres, the left is associated with analytical skills, mathematical ability, speech and writing and on the other hand the right is associated with creativity and artistic ability, but yet caused another confusion to both of my hemispeheres, which brain m i using? and again, cikgu zahrul solved the confusion by answering, we're actually use a bit of both sides of the brain, making the human is individually unique from one another.

the world is sure exciting and promising us with like thousands of millions of killing adventures and tiring obstacles-not to mention the pleasure and relaxation. yet there is another world awaiting us. thanks to the agama, syariah and quran sunnah teachers for making me realize how short this life is, and how important for us to be well prepared, waiting for our turn to bid farewell to the cosmos.

sorry but i cant mention all them here. these are the formal ones. seems unfair as they are not our only educators. the whole world is our educators. so , thank YOU.

oh ya, even our mistakes are the teachers. we learn from mistakes-
quoting from kak diana kurakuramerah yg cute,
'in life there is no regrets, just lessons'

lets change the term, its unfair to say the day is only to the 'teachers'. then lecturers mcm mana?
we make it:

HAPPY educators' DAY to all.

Monday, May 11, 2009


“Dan apabila hamba-hamba Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka (jawablah), bahawasanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (segala perintah-Ku) dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran” ,
al-Baqarah (2:186)

syukur syukur syukur syukur yang amat.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

tadi aku pegi latihan kete, dan ketika aku sedang menunggu giliran aku untuk menekan minyak dengan hanya gear satu dan dua di perkarangan IM tu, aku pun meluangkan masa aku dengan melepak dengan seorang cik india cumil berusia 22 tahun nih. sedang aku kusyuk menemuramah beliau dalam bahasa melayu ala2 tamil, tiba2 aku terdengar suatu suara, dan seraya itu terjadilah perbualan berikut antara seorang pelatih IM dan jurulatih IM :-

Jurulatih IM : hey tak malu, hisap rokok!

Pelatih IM : hisap rokok la macho, cikguu..

Jurulatih IM : macho ka? tak macho lah. tak caya tanya budak tu (lantas jari telunjuknya ditujukan ke arah seorang perempuan yg sedang duduk di sebelah pemuda yg merupakan pelatih IM tersebut).

-lalu perempuan tersebut menggeleng2 kan kepalanya, mengiyakan kata2 jurulatih IM.

Jurulatih IM : haaaa...tengok tu! budak pompuan tu takmau kat hangg..hahahahaha

Pelatih IM : ala, orang pompuan bukannya tau pun best ka tak best hisap rokok. best oo..

Jurulatih IM : hek'eleh...apa daa..hisap rokok tu buang duit, pencemaran udara! nanti dapat penyakit macam2, padan muka hang, tak dan kahwin. hahahaha!

Pelatih IM : cikgu, awat paku saya teruk2 ni. dah la depan awek. malu laaa..

Jurulatih IM : ha, tau pun malu kat awek. tengok saya, sepanjang hidup tak pernah merokok, sebab tu la berduyun2 pompuan mau kat saya, saya ja takmau kat depa. hang kan, sebab hang merokok, esok sapa pun takmau kat hang. kalau nak jadi yang terhangat di pasaran macam saya, hang kena la berenti merokok.

walaupun mcm kasar semacam, serious aku rasa mcm berkesan ja cara pendekatan jurulatih IM tu. :)

anak ali lagi

here i would like to express my gazillion thanks to anak ali, again, for giving me lotsss of rhode islands and chickens. hehe

nanti bagila banyak2 ayam lagi ya! makasihh..
nanti aku hantaq banana tree banyak2.