Saturday, October 17, 2009


Happy birthday mak!
May Allah grant you with health, success and happiness!

sayang mak. muax muax

Thursday, October 8, 2009


See? i've told ya. Mathematics kills.

Monday, October 5, 2009

jeng jeng jengggg

Assalamualaikum, my fellow awesome readers. chewah.

today is monday. isnin. senayan. aku pun tak tau macam mana aku boleh berblogging at this very minute. i just finished my AUCS12 test 2 this evening, 5.30 pm to be precise. and before that, i just had my Biology 2nd quiz for this sem. Alhamdulillah we dont have any Bio tests. at all. if we do, fuh! seriously i'll lose 8 kg in 3 weeks!

I never thought Ausmatians will become this hectic. i konw my life will be hectic and buzy and compact and all, but never thought the constant and temporarily permanent pressure will come up to this extent. the best part is, this is only my 1st sem. wahahahahah

life is never fair, hah.

yeah, we also this never-ending quizzes and tests. inequivocally stressing and pressing every single neoron existing. :) (senyum dengan penuh kepura-puraan, dasar hipokrasi).

ok lets leave that iewwing part and let me proceed to the main aim of today's post.

i would like to wish my BFFFFFFF for life, who will be sitting for the 'ala-objektif-je' PMR.

For the girl who constantly studies every single night and day.
For the girl who prays hard, as much as she works.
For the girl who always thousands of butterfiles in her stomach everytime exams draw near.
For the girl who have been with me for more than fifteen years.
For the girl who understands me more than any other.
For the girl who shed her tears in realizing how life is leading us.

All d best. May u get the best result.
May you are always in Allah's blessing.
May you will always be healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally.
May you found the x-factor within you.
May you live the happiest life throughout your journey in life.

Faizatul Alia bt Ibrahim Exstara.
Budak tinggi anak cina penakut tidoq sorang. wakaka

Super ikhlas dari Zawani Ibrahim yang baik hati. hahahahahahaha